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Sgroppino is a drink that originated in Venice and its purpose is to clean your palate in between meals or after your meal. Sgroppino literally means "to untie" as in, to "untie your stomach" after eating. It's a also a great dessert option, can't wait for you to give it a go!

The pack includes 1 bottle of Acqua di Cedro (1 litre) and 1 bottle of I TRE FRATELLI PROSECCO (750ml)

90ml I tre Fratelli Prosecco
40ml Acqua di Cedro
3 scoops Lemon Sorbet
Pour the lemon sorbet, Acqua di Cedro and Prosecco into a shaker, Nutribullet or whatever mixer you have at home. Mix until smooth and pour into the glass.

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