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Tagliatella and Amaro together? Unbelievable! This cocktail was created by our amazing mixologist Andrea Marseglia. He wanted to make sure we'd tell you this: "Have a little sip of the cocktail, then have a bit of the Parmesan cheese, then have another sip..." It is such a great tasting experience!

This pack includes 1 bottle of Amaro (0.7 litre) and 1 bottle of Tagliatella (1 litre).

45ml Tagliatella
15ml Amaro
3 dashes chocolate bitters
1 slice of Parmesan cheese
If you have a bigger piece of ice that would be great, as once you pour the Tagliatella, Amaro and chocolate bitters into the glass, the Parmesan can just sit on the ice so that you can have a small bite in between each sip!

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