Our story

I’ve been having a love affair in Italy, and so far it’s lasted 30 years. It’s okay, my wife knows all about it, and she understands. After all, she loves Treviso as much as I do, since she was born there.

Treviso is unbelievable. The region is like a compact sampler of all that is the best of Italy. My first visit, I remember thinking, “This is a far cry from dad’s butchery back in Mangere.” Climbing the hill near our house, I could look across and see the homes of bright Pinot Grigios, full Merlots, and Proseccos that make Champagne seem dull.

I want to share what I found with my friends and family back here in NZ… and hey, anyone else who wants a taste of something special. I hope you fall in love with Treviso as much as I have.

John Kirwan

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