Our story

We started JK14 to create a bridge between our two homes, New Zealand and Italy. Our family is half Italian and half Kiwi and growing up in a small Italian town called Treviso, we learnt how important it is to sit down and enjoy our meal, creating meaningful conversations about the wine and the food we are tasting.

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Red Wines


We are from Treviso so this is the region that has our heart. Our time in Veneto is always filled with Spritz, Prosecco, Valpolicella, Amarone, Grappa and so much more, so we cannot wait to show you what this region has to offer.

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Discover the Primitivo, olive oil and everything that sunny Puglia has to offer

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Discover the region of Vermouth, Nebbiolo, Barolo and Moscato, where you can find truffle at its best and where Torino is, home to our football team Juventus.

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Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is the home to Balsamic vinegar, Parmiggiano Reggiano, Ferrari and so much more!

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More than half of Tuscany’s hillside vineyards are planted with Sangiovese grapes. Historically the region is known for its production of Chianti and for the Sangiovese-based Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is made near the hill town of Montepulciano.

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The region that offers beautiful mountains and sea all at one go, home to the famous Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

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Sicily is like a country on its own and there are some amazing producers who make exceptional wines with the region's native grapes. From the west of Sicily, home to Marsala and the Passito sweet wine from the volcanic island of Pantelleria, through to the southeast of Sicily known for red wines Nero d'Avola and Frappato, all the way to Mount Etna in the northeast with its elegant wines made of Nerello and Carricante.

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Trentino-Alto Adige

Situated on the border with Austria, the region of Trentino Alto Adige brings the best of Germanic and Italian ways of life together to create a unique culture in its food, wine and traditions. The name is a result of the union of two separate areas, Trentino (province of Trento) and Alto Adige (province of Bolzano).

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Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is a small region, on the border with Slovenia and Austria. It is known for its premium wines, the beautiful alps and the sandy beaches.

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White Wines


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