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This wine is the result of a valued selection of the best pecorino grapes. Both structure and body become enriched thanks to the particular method of vinification, which consists in standing for some months on fine lees.

Abruzzo Pecorino DOP



100% Pecorino







Serve at

8-10 °C



Tasting notes

Bright straw yellow wine. Hints of wilted yellow flowers, citrus, dried fruit and bread crust. The acidulous appealing and the marked minerality are balanced with an excellent structure and a long persistence.

Food pairing

It is recommended with fish dishes, cold cuts, white lasagna, risotto, courtyard animals, seasoned cheeses, white meat ragù.

Area of production

It grows in Pescosansonesco at 550 metres above sea level. Vineyards are located at the foot of Gran Sasso in a very windy place with a high temperature range. Here the soil is clay-calcareous.

Production process

Soft pressing, static decantation and cold fermentation, followed by a gross racking in order to leave the wine on the fine lees. Finally, the stabilisation is obtained by cold decantation. It ages in stainless steel vats on its fine lees and in the bottle.

Fun facts

Pecorino is a white grape variety that has been spread in Abruzzo for many years. Its origins are not so clear; the first bibliographic tracks date back to the time of Cato the Censor who classified Pecorino in the group of the Amneos together with other varieties (Greco di Tufo, Grechetto and Pignoletto). This group of grapes takes its name from the people of Amneos, native of Thessaly (Greece), who brought these grapes to Italy during their migrations. The famous writer Plinio wrote that “the wine of the Amneos is not hard, keeps well and improves after different years”. The ampelographic bulletin of the State of 1875 (file II) describes Pecorino as a grape that is cultivated in the vineyards of the middle Adriatic sea; among the wines born in these places, it’s the one which gives the early native fruit. At the end of 80’s it disappeared and locals from Abruzzo could find only a few plants in the area of Teramo and L’Aquila. Thanks to the selection work and to the courage of few viticulturists, it became popular again and now it's planted across the entire region.

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