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Two great Apulian traditions – making olive oil and creating decorated vases – have come together in this jar. These jars are entirely hand-made by artisans in Apulia who deploy their skills in shaping the clay, kiln-firing and then painting the resulting vessels entirely by hand. Each one is unique.500ml

Produced by: Frantoio Muraglia



Tasting notes

Intense fruity oil variety (monocultivar coratina olive). Coratina variety olives are the ultimate expression of the land in Apulia. They give a robust olive oil, as rustic and true as those who cultivate it. The Intense Fruity is an olive oil at once spicy and with just a hint of astringency. Its unique characteristic is that it contains three times the antioxidant polyphenols of any other olive oil. A rich deep green with shades of gold, it is perfumed with irrepressible notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay. In the mouth, it unleashes a riot of vegetable tones; powerful, rich, cut through with phenols perfectly integrated into its structure – a wonderfully balanced taste. Imposing, its closing notes are deliciously spicy and it has a long finish of vegetable tones.

Food pairing

This oil enhances traditional dishes for the modern palate. It is perfect for raw vegetables, salads and vegetable soups.

Area of production

Frantoio Muraglia was born in Andria, capital of the Apulia oil region, five generations ago, but our real family patriarch has watched the seasons come and go for no fewer than 450 years – a majestic coratina olive-tree, a native cultivar whose wealth of polyphenols is almost unmatched among the 538 classified Italian varieties.

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