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A tribute to Puglia. Truttulà is a ceramic container handcrafted and painted, which contains the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Le Ferre Multivarietale®.

Truttulà is a ceramic container made and painted by hand in three different colour combinations. It consists of two parts: the container with pourer cap and decorative lid. Truttulà is packaged in a single, coloured and decorated cardboard box.
Artisan product made and hand painted.
Tasting notes

Great balance. Lightly fruity, hints of almond on the palate, subtle bitter notes, pleasant spicy to the finish, Multivarietale extra virgin olive oil guarantees harmony in taste and stability in cooking.

Food pairing

Ideal in many food preparations, both for seasoning at the table and for cooking as base in the kitchen, it gives taste in its unmistakable balance.

Fun facts

The container is inspired by the typical house from Puglia: the trullo. There are places where the peasant man’s wit created artworks, whose simplicity winks at the mystery. That’s been what happened for the “trulli” in Alberobello: houses with an inverted cone roof, built dry, shelter in the fields, decorated with sacred or pagan symbols as in propitiatory rites. Simple shelters, fast to destroy and to rebuilt. Since XIV AD they are still there.

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