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A blend of native Italian grapes: Nero di Troia, Montepulciano and Bombino Bianco, gives a full bodied wine with rich dark red fruits. Made organically on the Paglione farm by Nicola Faccilongo uses his families grapes, this is a true expression of Southern-Italy ‘terroir‘.

The winery Paglione named this wine after their grandfather Nicola, born in 1930. "CAPORALE", in Italian, is the chief of the family, the ‘foreman of all farmers’. “Ariopp, Ariopp” is his mantra learned as a teenager, the transliteration of “Hurry up” a phrase uttered by the American soldiers arrived in Foggia, Puglia at the end of the Second World War. He produced its Cacc’e Mmitte even before the Doc recognition, and he preserves invaluable sources and historical memories that are dear to the entire family. The Caporale wine is similar to him, with a strong nature, frank and a lover of the conversation.


Nero di Troia 60%, Montepulciano 25%, Bombino Bianco 15%







Serve at

16-18° C

Tasting notes

The Caporale presents an intense ruby red colour with light garnet reflections. At the nose, it's delicate, clean and fruity with hints of raspberry, plum, blackberry and with a spicy finish. The flavour is fresh, despite its alcoholic note, moderately fruity and easy to drink.

Food pairing

Perfect with cold meats, meaty pasta or risotto and second courses of white and red meat.

Area of production

Lucera, Foggia

Production process

This wine is the result of a careful selection of grapes followed by a delicate de-stemming and pressing, and a classic vinification in red at a controlled temperature. During the fermentation, the must undergoes a reassembly and fulling process that guarantees the desired extraction of the costituents present in the skins. Fermentation occurs spontaneously, that is without the addition of selected yeasts. The product obtained is subsequently aged for 6 months in stainless steel vats and then bottles without being subject to any clarification and pre-bottling filtration treatment.

Fun facts

The Doc Cacc’e Mmitte was recognised in 1975; the production area includes the municipalities of Lucera, Troia and Biccari. The name refers to the traditional method of the vinification. Typical of Southern Italy, the millstones were some places where the grapes were pressed to produce the juice that was stored in large tanks, sometimes carved into the rock. The owners of millstones rented out the equipment for the production. The operations had to be finished throughout the day to leave the equipment to the following user. Therefore a tenant took the must just produced from the tanks of the millstone “Cacc” to bring it into their wine cellars, and a new tenant poured in the tanks “Mmitte” their grapes for crushing.

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