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“Today, the world’s best Prosecco can only be made here in Valdobbiadene. Italians will tell you the authentic Prosecco is the finest celebration of life – and my friends the Bortolomiol brothers have poured their passion into crafting a sparkling wine that holds out both hands and grabs you up into that whirling dance. I knew from my first taste I had to share this with you… and in naming it, pay tribute to the incredible family who created it.”

Produced by: Ciodet










Serve at

6 – 8 °C


5,5 g/l

Tasting notes

Attractive bouquet of white fleshed fruits and citrus laced with green and red apple; a white beer yeasty quality adds a familiar tone. On the palate – fruity, crisp, fresh and most certainly dry. A fine mousse and moderate finish. Balanced and well made, it is the ideal companion for every moment, immediate in its aromatic hints, authentic in its olfactory cleanliness.

Food pairing

A lovely fresh grapey prosecco with real class that is ideal for any celebration with its elegance and food-pairing versatility, from aperitif to dessert.

Area of production

The Glera grapes are harvested from vineyards on the Valdobbiadene hills and surroundings within the province of Treviso, half way between Venice and the Dolomites. These vineyards are at an altitude of about 150mt above sea level, have good sun exposure and benefit from the mild, temperate climate of the area. The soil composition is a balanced combination of silt, clay and sand.

Production process

The destemmed grapes are soft pressed and the wine undergoes its primary fermentation in stainless steel vats at a low temperature. After about 10 days the wine has achieved a sufficient, yet low alcohol content and the primary fermentation is complete. Bubbles are developed naturally during the second fermentation, according to the Martinotti-Charmat method. The base wine is put into stainless steel tank called autoclaves, with selected local yeasts at controlled temperature for 30 days, which stimulate the production of natural bubbles of carbon dioxide in the wine. At the end of the process the wine is left with a very low residual sugar. After achieving DOC certification, the Prosecco is bottled under pressure to preserve the bubbles, using the bottle approved by the Consortium of Valdobbiadene.

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