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“If there is one thing Italian women are passionate about – it’s talking. Trust me in this. When my beautiful wife gets together with her friends, husbands are shooed away, the hands start waving, and everything gets just a little louder. And both the wine and the gossip have to follow the same rules - they must be fresh, spicy, and leave you wanting more! By the way, since Mamma only drinks one glass, it’s got to be very good…so this Manzoni ticks all the boxes.”

 PRODUCED BY: Azienda Agricola Casa Roma


Pinot Bianco x Rhine Riesling







Serve at



5 g/l

Tasting notes

Intense straw yellow colour with a bouquet of wild flowers, peach, bee hive and tropical fruits. The flavour is dry, fresh and velvety and the wine is characterised by a good alcoholic strength and acidity, beautifully balanced and always delicate.

Food pairing

Shellfish, pasta or risotto with vegetables, mature and hard cheeses, lean fish, cured meat

Area of production

San Polo di Piave, Treviso. The Piave DOC production area is located between the Treviso hills and Friuli, with Montello to the north and the Venetian lagoon to the south, along the axis of the Piave river. The adequately ventilated and bright territory favours the fulfillment of all the vegetative-productive functions of the vineyards and the terroir is characterised by clay soil and mineral salts.

Production process

In stainless steel vats in contact with the skins at a controlled temperature. Ageing is in the bottle for 3 months.

Fun facts

Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 is the most famous among the clones created by professor Luigi Manzoni, principal of the Viticulture and Oenology School of Conegliano, during a series of experiments conducted in the thirties on genetic improvement of grapevines by cross-breeding. Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13, an autochthonous grapevine of the Treviso province, is a crossing between Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco. Manzoni Bianco has the ability to adapt easily to very different microclimates and soils, even if it prefers hillside, deep, fresh, not hard and fertile grounds, but it has a measured production. The grape is medium-small, rounded, green-yellow and its skin is thick, dense and aromatic. The numbers after grape type refer to location of the vineyards for the original grafts; for example, 6.0.13 refers to the row, vine and vineyard.

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