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“There is something wonderful about a beautifully balanced rosé. It’s somehow informal, relaxed... like an open invitation. You could say the same about the word Ritrovo... it’s how Italians describe catching up with old friends. It’s also the place you catch up. And it’s the event when you catch up. Okay... it’s your favourite occasion, your favourite location, and your favourite people, all wrapped up in a single word. Sounds like the perfect time to open this rosé, kick back, and pick up where you left off – share a few more stories, create a few more memories, and just... well... hang out. Ritrovo!”   

PRODUCED BY: Azienda Agricola Casa Roma


60% Merlot, 30% Raboso, 10% Manzoni Moscato






12% vol

Serve at

8-10 °C


5,2 g/l

Tasting notes

A true salmon colour with aromas and flavours of saffron, apricot, old peach and apple. Moderate acidity and alcohol, a whisper of tannin, balanced, crisp and pleasantly acid.

Food pairing

Shellfish, seafood, vegetables, cold meats or fresh cheese.

Area of production

The Piave DOC production area is located between the Treviso hills and Friuli, with Montello to the north and the Venetian lagoon to the south, along the axis of the Piave river. The adequately ventilated and bright territory favours the fulfillment of all the vegetative-productive functions of the vineyards and the terroir is characterised by clay soil and mineral salts.

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