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“This grappa-based liqueur is a special gift from the Nardini family. It’s the glass we raise to life’s moments: the start of a challenge, a celebration...It was created in the 18th century, when there was extensive poverty and people couldn’t afford to buy grappa. The Nardini distillery was a well-known place to go for a drink. In those days, the products were kept in large copper containers, each of which had a leaking spout. There was a little pan under each copper to collect the extra drops. At the end of the day, the pans were put into a big barrel with the left-over grappa, named Tagliatella - literally, ‘a cut of everything’ - which was offered to the poor. This is why I love it - it’s the working man’s cocktail...”

Produced by: Nardini distillery





Serve at

Serve at room temperature on ice

Tasting notes

A traditional liqueur, fruity and pleasantly bitter-sweet, Tagliatella is the perfect drink for any time of the day. Made with grappa, cherry distillate, bitter orange, herbs and spices, it is extremely well balanced. Intense bouquet, pleasant and fruity, floral with notes of herbs and spices, with a predominance of cherry on the palate.

Area of production

Bassano del Grappa

Fun facts

Pour 45ml of Tagliatella and 30ml of Soda water into a glass full of ice. Garnish with a slice of orange and cinnamon.

Tagliatella and Amaro together? Unbelievable! This cocktail was created by our amazing mixologist Andrea Marseglia. He wanted to make sure we'd tell you this: "Have a little sip of the cocktail, then have a bit of the Parmesan cheese, then have another sip..." It is such a great tasting experience!
If you have a bigger piece of ice that would be great, as once you pour the 45ml of Tagliatella, 15ml of Amaro and 3 dashes of chocolate bitters into the glass, the slice of Parmesan cheese can just sit on the ice so that you can have a small bite in between each sip!

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