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Produced annually the Bukkuram Sole D'Agosto or "August Sun", is a sweet wine where 50% of the grapes are harvested and left to dry on mats and the other 50% are left to dry on the vines. This method concentrates the sugar in the grapes and gives incredible complexity. The wine pairs beautifully with rich pastries and fruit-based desserts and can also be enjoyed on its own after a good meal.


100% Zibibbo







Serve at

12-16 °C

Tasting notes

Dark shining amber colour with golden reflections. The nose combines candied zest of lemons, oranges and mandarins with notes of candied ginger, pineapple and dried fruits. On the palate, despite its concentration, the fruit presents itself with a lot of freshness, with a persistent and delicately floral finish.

Food pairing

Perfect with seasonal fruit, cream filled treats and pastries, dark chocolate.

Area of production

Contrada Bukkuram, Island of Pantelleria, Trapani, Sicily. Volcanic, terraced slopes

Production process

Harvest in the middle of August of a part of the grapes to start a sun-drying process of about 2 weeks, in suitable areas, delimited by dry walls made of volcanic stones. The remaining grapes go on maturing on the vines up to September for the making of the base wine that, after a fermentation with wild yeasts, is macerated for about three months with the sun-dried grapes that bring sugar and aromas. The wine, after a short passage in oak barrels for 6 months, is aged in stainless steel tanks and finally bottled.

Fun facts

Bukkuram, from the Arabic “father of the vineyard”, is the name defining the area of Pantelleria preferred in ancient Arab times for the cultivation of Zibibbo grapes (Muscat of Alexandria). It is here, on the only plateau with a South-West exposure on the island, that both vineyard and winery are located, on an area of almost five hectares of land (that is 9 ac), at 200 m above sea level (656 ft), where our wine cellar is hosted in a historic dammuso (typical farmhouse) of the 18th century. The vineyard is trained as low, free-standing bushes with the “alberello pantesco” system, declared by the UNESCO World Heritage agricultural practice on 2014. It is also here, in 1984, that Marco De Bartoli first bottled his passito wine that, as a tribute to the charming surroundings, took the name of Bukkuram, a moscato passito of Pantelleria proud to have awaken from a long hibernation the interest for a dessert wine that even Greek mythology counts among its legends.

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